Dyson to expand operations in India after strong growth

NEW DELHI: British premium consumer electronics giant Dyson will make new investments in India as the company saw strong growth in the period running through the pandemic, where there was a surge for home care products such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and hair stylers, Tomas Centeno, Dyson’s president for the Asia-Pacific region, has said.

The company, which has invested over 100 million pounds in India since it started business around four years ago, plans to expand its retail footprint, both offline and online, while bringing newer products in line with their global launch. “For Dyson, India is one of the key priority countries and not just for the Asia-Pacific region, but also globally. We see a huge potential in India,” Centeno told TOIhere.

He said that the growth was particularly strong during the pandemic period, when the doit-yourself (DIY) phenomenon became the norm as homes turned into offices and schools because of lockdowns and mobility restrictions.

“The pandemic led to a shift as consumers opened up to the adoption of technology. As the issue of hygiene is undoubtedly heightened, we saw an increased awareness around indoor air quality and a rise in cleaning frequency. ”