India approves $8bn subsidy for phosphate-based fertilizers

NEW DELHI: India will provide a subsidy of Rs 60,940 crore ($7.96 billion) for phosphatic and potash-based fertilisers over the coming months to insulate farmers from higher global prices, information and broadcasting minister Anurag Singh Thakur said.

The subsidy will cover the period to September 2022. India provided a subsidy of Rs 57,150 crore for the previous 12 month period ending March 31, the minister said. A subsidy of Rs 2,501 for each 50 kg bag of the crop nutrient diammonium phosphate will retain the price at Rs 1,350 in local markets, the minister said, detailing the decision taken by the cabinet.

The decision to raise the fertilisers subsidy was taken after a spike in the prices of crop nutrients in global markets, mainly due to supply chain disruption after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, increased freight and rising energy costs.