PLFS: 88% of migrants moved within same state in 2020-21

NEW DELHI: Nearly 88% of migrants moved within the same state in 2020-21 while 11.8% moved to another state during the same period, according to the latest PLFS (Periodic Labour Force Survey) which also captured data on migration for the first time. The migration rate across the country was at 28.9% during the July 2020-21 period, with male migration rate at 10.7% and female at 47.9%.

Migration rate for any category of person (say, for rural or urban, male or female), is the percentage of migrants belonging to that category of persons, according to the survey. The information on migration particulars of the household members, details about temporary visitors in the household who arrived after March 2020 and stayed in the household continuously for a period of 15 days or more but less than six months were collected as part of the PLFS survey to get a better picture about the migration situation in the country.

The massive migration triggered by the lockdown in the aftermath of the pandemic had prompted calls for better data on the issue to devise policies to combat a surge in such movement. The data showed nearly 50% males migrated from rural areas, while 47% were from urban areas according to the location of the last usual place of residence.

Among females it was 78.8% from rural areas and 21% from urban centres. For all migrants 73.4% were from rural areas and 25.9% in urban centres. In the category of the same state, 65.6% of males were in rural areas and 31.4% in urban centres. For females, it was 92.6% in rural areas and 7.2% in urban centres. In this category, 2.9% were from other countries for males and 0,2% for females and 0.7% overall.

The survey looked at distribution of internal migrants by four types of migration streams, which includes rural-to-rural, rural-to-urban, urban-to-rural and urban-to-urban. For males, rural to rural was estimated at 18%, urban to rural at 20.8%, rural to urban 33.5% and urban-to-urban 27.6%.