Biological E reduces Corbevax Covid-19 vaccine price to Rs 250 per dose

Biological E, a Hyderabad-based vaccine maker, on Monday announced a reduction in the price of the Corbevax Covid-19 vaccine to Rs 250 a dose. Corbevax was earlier priced at Rs 840 per dose.

The new price of Rs 250 per dose, inclusive of GST, will be charged for the vaccine at private Covid-19 vaccination centres. For the end-user, the price would be 400 a dose, including taxes and administration charges.

Biologic E said it has lowered the price of its vaccine to make it more affordable and increase the reach of the vaccine to protect the maximum number of children against the virus.

Corbevax was granted an Emergency Use Authorisation for vaccinating children in the 12-18 age group in February 2022 and for children in the 5-12 age group in April 2022.

So far, 44.12 million doses of the Corbevax vaccine have been administered to children across the country with Biological E supplying close to 100 million doses to the government of India.

Corbevax is a recombinant protein sub-unit vaccine for the novel coronavirus.