These 5 factors are behind India’s massive jump in coronavirus cases today

India’s Covid trajectory, which was witnessing a rather flat curve for almost a month now is moving towards a dangerous spike. For the second day running, India’s daily case count rose sharply. The Narendra Modi government has taken note of the uptick. Latest reports say that the health ministry is focusing on states such as Kerala and Maharashtra. As the country reports more than 7,000 Covid-19 infections today, here are the main factors behind this surge.

1: It’s a sense of déjà vu for Maharashtra all over again. Latest data says that the state has topped the national tally in terms of daily case count. The Wednesday data shows that Maharashtra detected nearly 3,000 new infections in the span of a single day.

2: In Maharashtra’s Covid story, state capital Mumbai is also repeating the old pattern. The Maximum City doubled the daily cases in just 24 hours.

3: It should also be noted that Maharashtra has also detected a sister strain of the Omicron variant. Experts are still analysing whether the latest spike is the result of this new variant or not.

4: Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Delhi are also reporting high numbers of Covid-19 cases. Andamans, which remained Covid-free for a long period, has also reported a new case.

5: With active cases breaching the 30,000 mark, India has joined other Southeast Asian nations that are witnessing stubborn outbreaks. As a result of this, the mask mandates are back in flights across the country.