The Midterm View: A red wave? Oh yeah. These GOP strategists are sure of it.

Republican strategists say that the GOP will pick up “30 or 40” congressional seats in the 2022 midterms. With such confidence that another red wave is on the way, we decided to ask the strategists what exactly they’ll need to do (and not do) to make it a reality.

The answer, we found, is a concoction of taking advantage of Democratic missteps, pristine new candidates, and — in some instances — gauging just the right amount of Trumpiness for the district.

In this new video series, The Midterm View, POLITICO White House correspondent and Playbook co-author Eugene Daniels keeps you in the loop on all the strategy and issues driving the 2022 midterms — and takes you behind the scenes with the people working to sway the electorate and win power in November.