Google starts rolling out design update for Wear OS 3 Contacts app, now available as a standalone app on Play Store

Google has been redesigning the apps for Wear OS 3 since quite some time. The tech giant has now released the updated Contacts app with a new design to the Play Store. As per a report in 9to5Google, in Wear OS 2, the Contacts app was a built-in system app and it got updates along with the operating system. However, with the update, the Contacts app is now available for users to download and update via Google Play Store as a standalone app. Talking about the design, the updated Contacts app for Wear OS 3 boasts of a simplified user interface. The first thing users will see is the search button placed at the top centre of the app. Below that is the list of users’ favourite contacts in a pill shape design. Apart from this, the updated Contacts app also allows users to add a contact into complications on their watch face for quick calling or messaging. The complication on the watch face shows the image of the contact and if the image isn’t linked with the contact, it will show the first initial of the name. The redesigned Contacts app is only available for Wear OS 3 running on Galaxy Watch 4. Reports suggest that older Wear OS watches currently do now show Contacts app in the Play Store nor have they received any update for the existing Contacts app. This means it remains to be seen if the app will be exclusive to devices running Wear OS 3 or have wider user base. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIAFacebookTwitterInstagramKOO APPYOUTUBE