Nvidia Broadcast’s “Eye Contact” feature can deep fake eye contact

Are you a camera-shy person who cannot maintain eye contact with the camera? Well, Nvidia got your back with the “Eye Contact” feature of the Nvidia Broadcast. The “Eye Contact” feature coming to the Nvidia Broadcast app will make sure that it looks like you are making eye contact with the camera even though you are not, and it all happens using AI.The “Eye Contact ” feature comes to the Nvidia Broadcast 1.4 update, which moves the eye of the speaker to stimulate eye contact with the camera. The feature was showcased last year.Nvidia says that it happens with the help of AI, which estimates and aligns the gaze. The eyes will retain their natural colour, and will also blink naturally. And if you are looking too far away, then the “disconnect” will ensure a smooth transition between simulated and real eyes.In a blog post, Nvidia says that the feature is for “content creators” who could be reading out of script while recording themselves or do not want to look at the camera at all.You can start using the eye contact feature as soon as you update to version 1.4 of Nvidia Broadcast. However, note that the feature is currently in beta, so it might not work whenever you want it to. Since it is based on AI, you can always help the company improve the AI by sending them your video.The Nvidia Broadcast 1.4 further adds a new vignette effect that adds a little dimensional effect to the broadcast. There is also a Blur effect that promises to enhance the look. Apart from adding new effects, Nvidia has also improved some of the previous effects, and you can now better replace or remove backgrounds.The latest update is currently available to download for anyone who has an Nvidia RTX graphics card.