WhatsApp may soon allow users to block contacts within the chat: Report

Meta-owned messaging app WhatsApp is reportedly working on the ability to add a new Block shortcut.According to a report by WABetaInfo, the Block shortcut feature on WhatsApp will allow users to block a contact right within the chat list without opening the respective chat. The company is working on releasing version for WhatsApp. The report further adds that WhatsApp is working on adding the Block feature within chats for the future update of the app. Read AlsoHow to use self message feature on WhatsAppMeta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp in its most recent update added a new feature–‘Message Yourself’– that allows users to communicate with themselves just like they would with anyone else. The feature was initially rolled out in beta version, but it is now accessible to both iOS and AndroidHowever, this feature is under development and is yet to be released to beta testers.WhatsApp working on ‘Forward media with a caption-alert’ featureWhatsApp is reportedly working on a ‘Forward media with a caption-alert’ feature that will inform users while forwarding media with a caption. WhatsApp’s ‘forward media with caption’ feature is now available for Android users. The latest feature will allow users to forward images, videos, GIFs, and documents with a caption. There is an option to remove the caption as well.According to a report by WABetaInfo, “WhatsApp wants to ensure that you are aware of this new feature by offering you the ability to remove the caption from the media before forwarding it. In our opinion, this is very important as it allows users to maintain control over the messages they send.” WhatsApp’s ‘forward media with caption’ feature was earlier available for iOS users. The feature allows users to forward images, videos, GIFs, and documents with a caption. There is an option to remove the caption as well.Read AlsoWhatsApp Voice Call: How many members can join a group voice call on WhatsApp?WhatsApp supports voice calls, including group voice calls and video calls, allowing users to call friends and family directly from the app. These voice and video calls can be one-on-one or with a group of users. Furthermore, the Meta-owned platform allows users to join group voice calls of up to 32WhatsApp rolls out other new features WhatsApp has recently introduced several features for Android and iOS users, including Call Links, in-chat Polls, Communities, Message Yourself and others.The WhatsApp Calls Links feature allows users to create a link for voice and video calls. WhatsApp recently added the Communities tab to the app to manage and organise conversations on the platform. There is also a “Message Yourself” feature that allows users to send messages to themselves. This can be useful for to-do lists, making notes and more.Also watch:Whatsapp introduces Accidental Delete feature: Here’s how to use it