Radisson plans to add 100 hotels in India by 2025, says CEO Federico Gonzalez

Radisson Hotel Group plans to add 100 hotels in India by the end of 2025 as part of its ambitious plans for expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, according to its CEO Federico Gonzalez.

“In India, we should surpass 100 hotels this year. If I look at India, I don’t know why we should not have 200 hotels there by 2025,” he told PTI on the sidelines of the World Travel and Tourism Council Global Summit in Manila, capital of the Philippines. “We are looking at India’s development and the speed of change in India. If India is growing at 7 per cent, that means more GDP than many European countries,” he said. Radisson group has 1,200 hotels in operation worldwide and 400 are coming up, Gonzalez said. By 2025, that number will double, he added.

“In the last two years, we have had the largest number of signings ever in the company. Last year, we signed over 200 hotels. Our plan is to double this size of 1,600 hotels by 2025,” he said, adding most of that growth will come from Asia.

The group has a very ambitious plan in China of having 1,000 hotels there by 2025, he said. Asked when he expected revenues to reach pre-pandemic levels, Gonzalez said in 2023 things should be more or less back to normal. The revenues by this year-end will be 20 per cent lower than the 2019 levels, he added.

The group is banking on travel, tourism, and economic recovery in the Asia-Pacific region as part of its plan to double properties to 3,200 hotels in 120 countries by 2025, he said. Last year, the Radisson group signed deals to put up 200 hotels worldwide, of which 137 are in the Asia-Pacific region, he said.